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- Description: Real life true confession from babysitter/nannies saying how they really feel about everything
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User Comments:
1. | Jul 21, 2014
#10 love it. I wish that my glamours job of stay at home mom would allow me to wear this to say the greocry store or parent teacher meetings but I am pretty sure i would get some strange looks in my sweats death eater tshirt and rainbow eyes.
2. | Jul 2, 2014
its easy to speculate about whats good and whats wrong stiitng in a warm room and watching youtube. Nothing´╗┐ personal. I'm talking about shock, stress and pain. Not long time ago i was the evidence of the situation where aa bus drive over a kid. All my I know how it will be in the best way' dissapeared and in first moment i felt all my f*cking weakness. But its ok with a kid now.what about cayenne guy you don't speak russian but 99% comments 'bout him contains only strong words
3. | Jun 13, 2014
well youre right but when i first´╗┐ time watched this it was telbirre feeling and it was bad ass pile up btw i hope they are probably all alive but shit happens everything else se Dio vuole..saluti da italia e udine..ciao
4. | Feb 12, 2012
ePWWj3 I read online (computer problems) positive feedback about your resource. Didnt even believe it, and now saw myself. It turned out that I was not fooled!...