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- Description: The pokemon league with its own gym leaders, elite 4, and stories.
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yeowch!!! man!!! that was a pretty damn good team!!!! ok cmonemt time!!!!typhlosion-good moveset u got there but why three fire moves?? it's just a waste of space how bout something like rollout with defense curl combo! that is so gonna be typhlosion defense is horrible(not too horrible) so, defense curl can make it up.swift is agood move too since his special attack is high .i'll give 3 out of 5 cuz of wasting slots with fire type moves leafeon-u got it on gts,huh?anyway, leaf blade is a good high critical ratio move and 100% accuracy!! giga drain ain't good for this guy how bout energy ball? more powerful and same pp plus u have synthesis already so giga drain gonna be a waste of slot. return? i suggest strength or headbutt .i'll give 4 out of 5 cuz not powerful enough salamence-dragon pulse is a special attack so i think u should change it to dragon claw which is more powerful cuz it's STAB and physical attack since salamence has a high attack stats. earthquake is good for electric.flamethrower for ice pokemon? good fly decent move i'll give 5 out of 5 but change dragon pulse to dragon claw/rush staraptor-high attack bird on the team. close combat for rock ok aerial ace 4 decent move ok .fly?? how bout defog or roost or any other support move brave bird? so, change the fly to roost then .i'll give 5 out of 5 .PERFECT!!!lanturn-brine A-ok .shockwave?charge beam??thunderbolt????man, u wasting slots again how bout thunderbolt with signal beam with surf?? 2 out of 5 cuz brine is lame but powerful when it is used with endure, but it will get killed in the second round anyway cuz of it's low speed 3 slots of lightning won't help u a lot, just a thunderbolt will be fine .swampert-ice beam!? man, it's a special attack how bout ice punch or something else or just taught lanturn ice beam muddy water??waterfall is the best mud shot!?!?aw.. come on! earthquake better blizzard??? low accuracy-no good move i'll give u 1 out of 5 cuz all of it's attack r useless! u see, swampert is high in attack so teach it physical attacks.e.g. waterfall(80 base),ice punch(75 base),earthquake(100 base) and iron tail(100 base) so. that's it GOOD TEAM but move problem maybe u wanna fix it great luck in ur tournament