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1. | Jul 22, 2014
My wifa and I lived not too far from Alberobello in the 70 s. Back then the city had wonderful thgnis to buy, most high quality locally made goods. They sold woven bedspreads that, 40 years later, are still being used. The last time we were there, everything was made in china and, simply put, junlk.Very sad, but at least the buildings are well kept.
2. | Jun 28, 2014
Ted Stop looking for Black Helicopters. Your paoinraa is amazing. But I'm glad to hear you admit that you participated in a fraud on your audience back in your days. We'll need to initiate an ethics investigation asap.On the other hand, I'm stunned to hear that anyone EVER paid you for your writing. Nothing you've posted heretofore demonstrates an ability that I would have paid for when I was directing a staff of engineers, much less journalists.