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7. | Jun 17, 2014
Memphis baby! Now that's an impressive win. Still won't pick them to beat Ohio State, which is on some sort of magic caeprt ride, but they've answered the critics. BB, how could you be tired of Southern Illinois? No Gonzaga they. That team plays its butt off. It was an all-out war against Kansas one of the most intense games of the tournament. Tremendous effort exerted by both sides. I do believe I almost nailed that score on the head. The team to be tired of is Pitt. Same old story lose in the Big East final, lose in the Sweet 16. And of the 8 teams that played last night, Pitt was the lone no-show. Also, Oden was bad last night, but OSU will not win the national title unless he becomes a big part of it somewhere along the line. And although he stunk last night, he did make two huge free throws late and blocked the potential game-winning shot. There's a long history of stars who played awful games and didn't snap out of it at the very end. Oden did.
8. | May 31, 2013
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Hi!!My name is Nina. I'm the Vice-President of Activities for Voices of Praise Gospel Choir at Saint Peter's College (soon to be University). I am sending this megasse to you all early so I am able to get into contact with you guys so we are able to fellowship together throughout the year. Voices of Praise and their e-board is praying, trusting, and believing that God has wonderful things in store for us and would love for you to part take of the blessings He has for us. Again I am just sending this megasse so I can get the appropriate contact information so we can enjoy the presence of the Lord together.God bless you guys hope to hear from you Nina from VOP
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11. | May 17, 2013
From what it sounds like Jerry C arino you wont be wrinitg another article until September, so I wanted to throw out this observation and feeling for Seton Hall Basketball. Every year at this time, I have always tried to follow SHU basketball to find out what they are doing to prepare themselves for that upcoming season. Not being able to find anyone covering the program during the offseason, all I could do is hope they are doing something to better the basketball program. Thanks to sportswriters like Jerry Carino along with the others (Like Zag), this most important up coming season is approaching and people around me who are SHU fans are excited. They are excited that we were able to follow this team to find out about the excellent recruiting season thay had. That is fueling our excitement which we normally dont get until we are approaching Midnight Maddness in October. Seton Hall Basketball is entering a very important time in its life and it was good to be well informed so that we can be in a better position of excitement. Thanks to the sportswriters offseason coverage we know that Coach Gonzales enthusiasm will bring much glory to Seton Hall Basketball. Will take Seton Hall to heights they never experienced before (with all due respect to Honey Russell, PJ Carlesimo and even Tommy Amaker). Thanks to these sports writer who kept us SHU Fans informed of what SHU was doing on the recruting trail and now the added fortune of SHU playing in a brand new Arena and the Excitement is heigher at this time of the year then it has ever been. Just imagine what will happen with that excitement in September when the Students are back on the Campus and we hear the talk of Big East Conference on radio and TV. They will be talking about Big East Football, but to us who are in the Seton Hall Community, I feel our excitement will be the anticipation for October 15th and Midnight Madness. I am excited for Seton Hall Basketball, I am excited that they have a real basketball program under a Coach that is showing evidence of where he wants to take this program. And that is the same place I have always felt Seton Hall should be. This maybe a learning (get to know my teammates) year but whether they jell this year or not, it doesnt take away from what they will be, and that excites me. Thank you sports writers and please dont stop. Gonzo is not finish so I hope you wont be in letting us know what he does in season and off season.