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If it's searching for wifi:Go to Settings ->Wi-Fi and turn Wi-Fi off.This is lilkey what you're talking about, as the constant search for wi-fi access points tends to create annoying popups asking you if you want to join, and wi-fi is a HUGE battery hog.If it's searching for AT T/Edge/3G:You can disable all of this by setting your phone to airplane mode, but this also means you won't receive calls until you turn airplane mode off.Go to Settings and turn airplane mode on.Also, if you want to lengthen battery life, you might also consider turning down the brightness a bit, since the screen is probably the biggest battery hog after wi-fi. Inside an office, having it turned down to maybe 1/3 brightness probably won't be a problem. The place where you'll really notice this is when you're in direct sunlight. You'll need to turn the brightness up then.