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6. | May 20, 2013
If you need 1500.00 with no credit check, I wish you luck in your serach. Apart from borrowing it from a friend, family member or on of those next payday loans, this will be a difficult task. Also the next payday loans let you borrow based on what your take home pay is. I should also let you know that you have to have a checking account with direct deposit and your account cannot have a lot of overdrafts.I found this website below, I do not know if it is reliable or not, but you can call them or e-mail them with questions you have.Be careful if you do use the payday loan. It's really easy to get trapped in a circle of always having to use them. You usually have to pay the money back by your next payday and then you end up having to borrow again if you see what I mean. You might be better off seeing if a friend or family member will let you borrow the money and let you pay them back over time.
7. | May 18, 2013
That's a creative answer to a difficult qesuiotn