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User Comments:
1. | Dec 2, 2013
my original stanemett was to educate the person that the nicotine in cigarettes is not what causes lung disease etc etcnicotine is a harmless product PROVIDED it is used in a safe and responsible manner maybe i should have added that part to my original stanemettyour argument about 40mg 60mg of nicotine being lethal is true so i would simply suggest that you dont drink your e-liquid and instead use it in a safe and responsible manner cheersscott
2. | Dec 1, 2013
hi mate,well yes and no ..its only harmful when used iriospensrbly. if you left a bottle of e-liquid out and a child drank it then yes it certainly would be harmful. but just as you would with bleach, cleaning products, medicine etc you keep it out of the reach of little ones.nicotine is a poison .but when used responsibly its not dangerous.people wrongly think that its the nicotine in a cigarette that causes the harm .its not cheersscott