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15. | Sep 8, 2013
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16. | Sep 7, 2013
Peeped today (realese date). Another shitty realese (NOT surprised) They look FAKE as hell!! The Elephant Print (once again). It looks like they are taking the Fakes and embossing the Elephant Print on them. Quality is still down (compared to the 01 s which is what quality should be). NOT even worth $100. Plastic feel and smell (easy quick crease as with ALL POOR QUALITY shoes) Well, what can we all really say except, JORDAN BRAND is DONE!! That's a wrap.PeacE!
17. | Sep 5, 2013
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18. | Jul 28, 2013
Anna! I love these! I think you and the morning light got along relaly well And I love Piedmont Park! I lived right around the corner from there for a few semesters when I was in college and working at Delta. Adorable couple and fabulous pictures! Can't wait to see their wedding!
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