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User Comments:
1. | Dec 20, 2013
Jesse,Thank you for discussing your weseenasks. I think by letting others know that a seemingly strong person does have weseenasks, will help motivate others to also take a look at their own weseenasks too. I know this is exactly what I plan to do. Thank you again for such a great motivational message and expressing your humanity.Jeanette
2. | Dec 18, 2013
Oh come on liberals, do you think maybe this is just grpsniag at straws? Guardian, proof that she is a girlfriend and not just a friend in need? Is this an equal issue to Katz? stop playing political gotcha. Does it really pass the BS test that a guy who lives in Mendham and has a pretty substantial personal wealth would have purchased a car, not registered it for some criminal reason and would drive around in this car without insurance, when he has other family cars that are surely insured? It is probably just a glitch in registration and a delay or misplaced insurance card. Come on, does this really seem like a real issue? Does this pass the Bravo Sierra (B.S.) test? or is this misinformation being put out ther for political reasons by the Corzine campaign? get real people, this is the desparate act of liberal press and politicians trying to find something that has no real basis . Come on Fred, this was below you to even report. This is what we would call biased reporting, and it is not admirable or professional.