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1. | Feb 8, 2014
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2. | Dec 22, 2013
Katherine has been my massage thpaseirt for over two years. I have been with Katherine longer than any other massage thpaseirt. She is sincerely concerned about my wellbeing. She takes the time to assess my progress and to identify what work still needs to be done. She listens to my needs but is also very intuitive and goes right to the areas that need the most work. Some people are fortunate enough to find a career that is truly fitting, and I feel Katherine has done that. As a health practitioner myself, Katherine helps me to do my job better. Thank you Katherine.
3. | Dec 20, 2013
Hi Jesse! What a great idea to suggest these items as gifts! I have been reidnag your blogs for a couple of months now and have gotten so much out of them!!! I have had so many injuries that have prevented me from doing all of the things I love to do. After ten years of doing massage (mainly deep tissue) I had to have surgery on my elbow which really got my attention! I'm back in business now and growing a great clientele. Most of my clients are athletes with knee, IT band, feet and ankle issues. My hopes are to do some workshops/classes on foam rolling. So .could you give me some advice on what to do? I am a licensed massage therapist and I have been certified in cardio kickboxing. The personal trainer for the group that I work out with has mentioned that I could do a class at his gym. Do you think that I would need to have some sort of a certification to do this. I'm currently working on an on-line core and functional fitness certification. Who knows when I will complete that task??? So many of my clients/workout friends, would greatly benefit from the foam roller exercises! I'm constantly telling and showing my clients things to do on the foam roller to help them out. There is just not enough time to do this on an individual basis along with their massage session:) I'm spending A LOT of extra time with my clients because I care, however, I am a busy Mom of 3! I'm also planning to adjust my fees in January. I would appreciate any advice at your convenience! Thank you so much Jesse! Happy Holidays!!! Amy Buckles
4. | Dec 19, 2013
Hi Marcia,Thank you for your comments. I have been a paoernsl trainer for over 13 years now. For the first 5-8 years, although my heart was in the right place, I wasn't a very good one. The knowledge and tools which most paoernsl trainers are given is very limited. It is pervasive throughout the industry and is true throughout the health, wellness and fitness industries. We are taught how to train with the same mentality I discussed in this blog. To train to our clients strengths. As a coach, I know the reasons for this quite well. It comes from the fear of losing our clients and business. If we train to our clients weaknesses, they will feel clumsy and weak. Most clients don't want to feel that way. They want to feel strong, but are not educated about what it really takes to actually get strong. When it comes to hiring a paoernsl trainer, massage therapist, doctor, PT, or any other health, wellness professional, I highly encourage my clients to spend the extra time to interview multiple people, ask for references of those who were helped that had similar issues as you, and call them before hiring anyone. If my clients, during my first few years of training, took these kinds of actions, it would have either forced me to become better at my job faster, or I would have ended up in another career. Did you read through the postural series that I wrote? I have several articles up with some basic corrective exercises which will help you get moving in the direction you want.Jesse James Retherford