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User Comments:
1. | Jun 14, 2014
Maybe you just don't understand the udrynleing problem. Yes, homeownership has been up over the last number of years, but that is not due to the fact that people have money, it's due to the fact that mortgages have been so low that it has been easy for people to buy homes putting down almost no money. However nothing like that lasts forever and there is always a piper to pay. The time has come when the bubble, except it seems in NYC, has burst and these over inflated homes with these huge mortgages just aren't worth the money and the mortgage rates aren't what they were. Also, a lot of people were living on huge bonuses that they are no longer receiving, so they are reaching, not poverty, but a state where they can no longer afford to live the lives that they have been living. This is the Republican way, it is now and it has been before, they take money that is not "theirs" and they use it for what they deem is important, this time around it has been the war, and there just isn't any more money for the war, and as they pretty much know they will be out of office, they can't do what they did before, rob the people blind. So, once again, we are in a sticky situation. I don't know where you live, but being in the Metropolitian area, I remember all too well how Florio, who was a good Governor has to take all the flack for the mess that Whitman left the state of New Jersey in. He did what he could, but it meant they had to have more taxes just to make ends meet and people saw it as a "democratic" thing instead of a smart thing.References : Was this answer helpful?
2. | Dec 16, 2013
Intellectual dishonesty is a gnilarg fault, Meg old girl Of course be for pre-existing condition coverage, and against mandate coverage for all; what better double whammy could you think of to say you were for something before you were against some (the same) thing. Guarantee the pool concept is not part of the actuarial requisites. Failure guaranteed. Like Carly, send all the problematic jobs offshore, lick off the cream, and move on. So catty!It continues to amaze, the way the status quo wannabes follow the script in J H Kunstler's The Long Emergency . Stop smirking, Jerry B. I remember walking home from work at DWR through the alley behind the Governor's Mansion and hearing you shooting baskets. What have you got to deal with the Energy Emergency, what comprehensive program to deal holistically with the LIST, the perfect storm rolling our way? Gotta fix the economy too, or health care is just a wisp, last puff of smoke from the dissembling Union of States.And Mr. Poizner. Saving the big car from caving down the bank. What symbolism. Ready to talk about the car and health care costs? Military (oil security) overhead, accident costs, air quality impacts? All three of you wannabe gubernators better bring energy upheaval and transportation policy into the calculus of Health Care. Health care is the topic here, but mandates are a smoke screen only one part of the melting iceberg
3. | Dec 14, 2013
Pbrain, last I knew property tax was the rpioensibilsty of municipalities. The only impact the state can have is to takeover tasks performed by local governments. This, of course would force the state to raise income tax. Thus setting a Democrats raise taxes rant.This shell game has gone on as long as I've been in NJ. Florio tried to clean up Kean's financial mess by raising taxes. Whitman defeated Florio on a platform to lower income taxes. She didn't do so by shrinking government however, rpioensibilsty was shifted to local government thereby raising property tax. But Whitman added her own creative twist. She approved excessive budgets and truncated spending prior to year end. Whitman juggled the books until McGreevy took the reins and the cycle began anew.Corzine is now stuck with an unenviable task. The electorate is screaming for state services without use of the tax option. And in his spare time Corzine should reduce property tax which would require a tax increase. So much for your debate question.Now back to my question for you. .WHY WOULD THE GUY WHO'S AHEAD IN THE POLLS WANT AN EARLY DEBATE?and WHY WOULD THE GUY WHO'S TRAILING WANT TO POSTPONE?
4. | Dec 13, 2013
Hi, do you know how I can turn talking from a Tivo roecrding, into computerized text? There was a piece of equipment that did that, but the GP500 TextGrabber is no longer made and extremely rare to find used. The GP500TextGrabber was designed to access the closed captioned information contained within a television signal, convert it to text or straight ascii, and then transfer it to a PC over a standard serial or RS-232 line. As a result, you (could) generate a word-for-word transcript from a television program. TextGrabber even capture(d) text off a standard VCR, DSS or DVD! Do you know another way to do this?