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User Comments:
1. | Jun 26, 2014
that you're a worthless drpeessed girl. Don't come up with your own assumptions. Moreover, I've already requested you to stop being personal out here. But I guess you won't stop sharing your griefs. If you've got anything to share, talk to me via Yahoo. Anyway, I've still not stopped being there for people, no matter if they're any mean friends or strangers.
2. | Jun 4, 2014
I agree with what he’s saying and also think he’s funny , and thats a good thing . I don’t think he’s funny as in any discrspeet toward him. I think whats funny is that it doesn’t matter to him what any of us think or say about his message and beliefs , he is just doing what he is feeling and thats not ever the WRONG thing. It might offend people and people may disagree but truth is , fuck em . It is all good to watch some shit and think its funny cuz yeah it is but at the same time when you straight judging saying someones on some drugs when you can’t prove that or talking about they are inbred…what category are you putting yourself in ? Cuz I highly doubt that wherever rev x is , he’s sitting there hating on you or anybody else . Nope not likely, man haters kill me sometimes , laugh if you think its funny but putting down comments saying a mans on drugs when you don’t know shit , etc., thats some hating ass shit and you don’t deserve any respect for speaking on something you don’t know to be truth. I listen to what he is saying and I think where he’s coming from is from a good place to him and his intention is not malicious toward nothing but the devil and his followers so anybody hating on him is an insecure close minded simple ass human being . People are all kinda different and everybody hears and learns and understands shit in a different way …but a hating ass bitch is a hating ass bitch and in my opinion any of you commenting saying he’s on drugs saying he should get his ass beat saying any weird shit like that need to look at you're fucking self man. Im not sure what I believe in to be honest with you but I can see that this man does and to me thats whats up. He is not saying nothing wrong , ya’ll just hating on the way he’s saying it cuz you are intimidated by a man that you know would never be intimidated by you.
3. | May 29, 2014
What an awesome way to explain this-now I know evtigehrny!
4. | Oct 11, 2012
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5. | Oct 9, 2012
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6. | Oct 9, 2012
Watching on the package from California was diiioppsntang. As they returned from the first break after the first half clock expired they didn't cover the ceremony on the court at the Rock. Can you believe that they did a Georgetown retrospective? Right as the ceremony at the Rock was happening? I was ripped. Thoughts on the game:Theodore is going to be a special point guard. I noticed that BG finally gave him extended minutes at the beginning of the second half without Harvey on the floor. Dude is quick and I love that he's not afraid to take the ball to the hole amongst the trees. When I first saw this kid play I thought to myself that's a poor man's donald copeland. I'm now ready to say he's better than Cope. Once he extends the range of his jumper he will be a really nice, if undersized, PG.Mitchell went on a tear like I haven't seen yet from him, to close out the first half. That kid, when he wants to, I think can score from anywhere on the floor. It's too bad he has to play out of position, but offensively I think he's a very nice player.Garcia is a warrior. The foul that ended up getting him a T was one of the best message senders a big can send. For the first couple years of his career my biggest beef with him was that when he fouled, he didn't foul hard enough. I was taught that if you're going to foul around the basket then make sure the guy either can't get the shot off or that he definitely won't score. Garcia is finally doing that now. I love it when he puts a guy on the floor.I, too, was saying to myself during the whole course of the game: Hazell, just keep shooting. Too bad he never hit a three, but that's your guy. He has to keep shooting. And Gause, as usual, is just an animal and all over the court. He's everything you want in a leader on the basketball court. Keep it up Paul.Nice win Pirates. Now win the ones you're supposed to vs. the dregs of the league and this season won't be a total loss. With some wins we can have something to build on for next year when we get some horses.