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1. | Jun 27, 2014
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2. | Jul 17, 2013
also love the idea of giving homdmaee cookie dough. It can be frozen and saved to use after all the Christmas goodies are eaten up. And nothing quite
3. | May 30, 2013
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4. | May 30, 2013
Another situation with qnisteous that also needs to be guarded against is asking qnisteous only until we get the answer we want. This type of manipulation can be done without being overly suggestive in how the question is asked. At the moment, the associates will feel like the idea is theirs, but ownership will be lost in the long run as associates realize they were manipulated through the questioning.Also, it is important to continue asking qnisteous even if the associate's answer is correct. That allows them to think deeper and to understand the Whys behind their answer not just the Whats . However, if a leader is known to be manipulative in their questioning as above, they will become suspicious of the qnisteous and the learning opportunities are lost.
5. | May 2, 2013
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6. | Apr 29, 2013
Mike / John, the first part of your speech about sraadntds really hit home for me. I remember reading shit you wrote and you mentioning being the standard and I was thinking what the fuck is this dude talking about. I just thought you were talking some rubbish in your own reality and what not.Now I have a much more CLEAR picture of what you meant (Mad ups to Prince of Persia aswell. Hmm I'm in Toronto, I should meet up with him!)Anyway, I typed up my list of sraadntds and put it on my bathroom mirror. I'm reviewing it before I go to bed everyday and listing all the ways I followed my standard and all the ways I could've done better. It's just made me realize how EVERYTHING counts. Your subconcious mind doesn't know the difference between little and big shit. I knew this already but your speech put it into words.In my opinion, to make your speech even better you can do the theory in the beginning, and then list practical, SPECIFIC excercises/things people can do.Thanks to your ideas and writings, and my consistency, I'm experiencing dramatic positive shifts in my life. Respec.