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8. | Jan 20, 2014
Recently I installed video snvierllauce cameras in my house and one day at work I happen to flip to the view within my browser. Saw my wife walk from the kitchen and back into the bedroom but then strangely after she was out of site I saw a white light moving very rapidly off the walls and floor in different spots. It didn't last long; maybe one minute or so and that was it. I actually have this recorded. It was about 7:00AM and there wasn't any sunlight at my home at this time, so there's no way light from the outside of the house would've reflected on areas in the hall where I saw it. If anyone knows where I can send this video to please let me know. I am very curious about this. I'm not afraid in the least. I cannot logically explain to myself what this is.Thanks, sincerely,Spencer M.
9. | Jan 20, 2014
Yeah that is so true that you mentioned above but it is very diicffult to get over this habit.Even I tried it number of times but could not get out of this . The method you mentioned above worked with out ? I will try this one out and hope I will come out of this habit.
10. | Dec 11, 2013
You are an inspiration! Each time this daseise knocks me down, I get up again and keep going no matter the set back. Staying safe is the most important thing I've learned, even when it means taking things slowly. How do you deal with this without becoming depressed about what you used to be able to do? My daughter has CMT just like us and I do my best to be a good example to her. Thank you for sharing your story. God bless you Holly
11. | Dec 10, 2013
Yeah that is so true that you mentioned above but it is very dicuffilt to get over this habit.Even I tried it number of times but could not get out of this . The method you mentioned above worked with out ? I will try this one out and hope I will come out of this habit.
12. | Dec 9, 2013
Vibrams for the win! I looked up the Vivos man those are some funky shoes lol. I think I will keep with my orginial plan of picking up the New Balance Minimus trail shoes. Hey any chance you guys could do a show based on compression gear/ sleeves and the various companies associated and the brands I.e. Rehband, Zensah, Skins, etc?? I think that would be an interesting topic! How they work, which ones you two enjoy, and the effects of passive compression on recovery.. everyone likes a good recovery Great show once again!
13. | Sep 5, 2013
Hi Monica,Thanks for the question. I'm wtriing from a plane, so please pardon any major spelling or grammatical mistakes.My view on orthotics is that they are a band aid or a crutch and generally not a permanent solution to postural pain and dysfunction. There are people who need orthotics due to significant structural abnormalities, but they make up a very small percentage of the population. For the vast majority, orthotics are over-prescribed, just as most pharmaceutical medications, and over time create greater problems than they solve.In general, the use of a crutch gets you to the next crutch. At first we use cushioned arch supported shoes as a crutch. As the muscles that make up the arch of the foot weaken and atrophy, the arch itself collapses. So you are upgraded to a reinforced arch support system with orthotics. This causes greater weakening, atrophy, and collapse, and you are then given a cane, crutches, or a walker. Eventually, you are in a wheel chair. All of this takes place over years and decades. The solution to this problem is not in the next best band aid, but to train the body to support itself at each and every step (pun intended). Maintaining strength and stability of the arch provides the foundation for the entire postural system. Now transitioning into a barefoot/minimalist lifestyle from orthotics can be a bit tricky. Especially without the support of a coach or therapist. Depending on how long you have been wearing orthotics, your feet will be significantly weakened. Transitioning too quickly raises your risk of injury. I don't recommend going completely barefoot/minimalist overnight. I would start with corrective exercises focused on strengthening your feet, hips, shoulders, and core; spending as much time barefoot during the day; and listening to your body for signs of pain and stress. I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any further questions.Jesse James Retherford
14. | Sep 3, 2013
This is cratsyl clear. Thanks for taking the time!
15. | Sep 2, 2013
There is more than 50km from any city with PD/FD or ambulance. Not a fly weehtar for ambulance helicopter. Why you think nobody call them?And in this situation there is no possibility to help injured 'cause the may have broken bones or neck you rather kill him not help. And i such a temperatire they will be frozen in any way