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1. | Jun 28, 2014
to be after that stuck with me my whole life, it said, I hope others see in you what we see in you. This gave me joy and still does.Then while at work (actually) an old women who gave me a more omniuos feeling, appeared out of the blue and stare me in the face then said We want your light. My very first thought was, who the Hell is we? And what light? I tried to ask what she meant, but she evaded me and dissappeared.It seems that they ones that speak amongst themselves in the language I don't understand are the ones that are more frightening. And the times I experienced the more peaceful encounters they spoke to me and I understood. They were the one that show me the crystal prism city I mentioned before and the war. From that experience I lost my sight the following day. I saw and felt myself in battle with the softer aliens as allies, with fought against a darker scaly race of aliens.Lol I can't believe I'm actually telling someone this. This was as real as my own skin.The reptilian aliens seem to come less peaceful, they just appear and always first in human form then morph. I don't know what they do or make me do but they are more mentally controlling. I feel sick or become instantly aware of them. There was a time that I try to forget because I felt violated. I don't know what exactly was done but there were several smaller reptilian looking things around my bed they held me down I blacked out, but a face came close to mine, I felt it and heard the voice speaking in my ear in a sexual nature. I started praying in my head then I woke in my bed alone.Now as for my sister (she a military vet.) But she has always had a obsessive fear or snakes which I just started to recount things she has said over the year and as recent as yesterday. I stayed over her house once about three years ago. She slept in her bed, I in the loving room. I heard a voice almost a soft warning saying, Wake up, do you see him, do you see him, help her. This was not my sisters voice. Then my couch shuck and something ran pass me, I felt the breeze of its passing I jumped to my feet and ran to her room where she was in the middle of her bed crying. She looked at me so so scared and said what happened You saw it huh?? I laid down with her all night, she didn't want to talk about it.Now yesterday I got called from mom saying call your sister, I did (we haven't spoke on that event since, until yesterday.) She said that wow Something with snake eyes, coarse scaly skin, wings , and is very tall molested her. She asked me if she was going crazy, I told her no its real. She is a little more emotional than I am, I feel I am more logical. She ask my mom could she stay with her for awhile she is really traumatized.This is what I know and experienced that is all I am sure of. I don't doubt it anymore, I am going to embrace the good and learn from the fear.Thank you