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1. | Dec 5, 2013
and I'm glad she tweeted about your blog. I'm going to sign up so I can get a bit more inmaifotron about the goings on in the East parts of the county, as I'm out here in Ocean Shores. Your blog is definitely worth the time to read and I plan to continue to do so. I can't say as it's happy reading, but the truth isn't always happy.On another note, I'm sorry to hear that Montesano seems to be in a similar political boat as Ocean Shores. Our city council and mayor are, for the most part, not worth the paper it required to elect them. As for the voting situation, it's sad that so many of the 5,000 or so full time residents of this place don't bother to vote, either. One thing I will give us: we tend to have a fair number of folks showing up at the open city council meetings, especially when they start getting stupid about things. Unfortunately, the city council knows that despite the number of folks who show up, the majority of citizens don't seem to give a flying hoot and they won't be affected, no matter how vociferous and/or well spoken the people in attendance at the meetings are.A question in regards to the political signs showing up on your property. I hope none of them are for Gary Johnson, as I honestly hope the folks placing signs for the Libertarian candidate would be a bit more respectful of property rights. If I can manage to get a sign or two, I'll contact you about putting up a sign and bring some inmaifotron with me for you, and not put up a sign if you don't want it there.Thanks for the time you take to write this blog. You have some worthwhile things to say and good inmaifotron to pass on.Sincerely,Yovonnea.k.a. Old_Warhorse (sulien77 on Twitter)
2. | Dec 3, 2013
Well, for the month of October, Jessica is following along with that whole blog every day on a caeirtn topic thing that's going on. I, personally, seem to be too fickle to commit to that sort of project. But her choice of topics has resonated with me big time: 31 Days of Smelling the Roses.
3. | Dec 3, 2013
InnaFarrington:*girl*: Fairt-tale boy,Eurovision Harry Potter strongly holds his piontsois at the bookmakers,journalists and fans.Who´╗┐ knows,Maybe his fairy tale will turn real and the next year Eurovision delegations will go to the Norway.