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1. | Jul 8, 2014
China companies and pscrhauers possess a distinctive technique and attitude towards the business enterprise. Trading with China, you may have to be a lot more courteous and gentle in your behavior so that you can impress them.
2. | Dec 20, 2013
I'm not quite sure how to say this; you made it exreemtly easy for me!
3. | Dec 18, 2013
If I were going to do this, I would definitely have some coglele behind me. I would rather go to a life coach who has a degree, so I am assuming most people would as well. Do a search online to see what kind of degress are held by these people. Possibly a psych degree would be good. You know, the study of human behavior. Search out someone who is a life coach now and ask them. I don't see why they wouldnt' talk to you and answer your questions. I think there are a few of these types of people on myspace. I may even have one on my friends list. I will post the link below if you would like to look through them. Myspace would be an excellent place to search for a life coach to probe their brain.Good luck.
4. | Sep 16, 2013
The eyes are AMAZING! I always calompin that my kids eye's never look great because they are brown but now I know I just am not shooting and editing right!
5. | Jun 15, 2013
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6. | Jun 12, 2013
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7. | Jun 11, 2013
I want to start with the statement that I am biaesd based on my current career path, but I am wary of stereotyping consultants. I have seen consultants that were used as a tool of management to tell the company that the boss is right, however, in my current position, I see a big problem coming from the lack of management and staff to support the changes that consultants are trying to lead (lead, not force). It often seems almost like sabotage along the thought lines of if they (consultants) can make the process better in a short time, and I couldn't in 10 years, they're going to make me look bad. Consultants, just like any software package, new machine, or process, should be installed with a specific focus in mind before they are ever used/hired. With that specific focus it will make the results much easier to evaluate, did the new purchase meet the desired result? if not, PDCA again.
8. | Feb 12, 2012
pV1yCd Heartfelt thanks..!