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12. | Aug 3, 2014
tsVAWX wow, awesome blog.Really looking forward to read more. Much obliged.
13. | May 31, 2014
I quit smoking 10 years ago and have never had one since and tlaloty agree with you chloe when you say everyone who does those nasty habits should quit them today.
14. | Dec 16, 2013
an kai proin kapnistria (na'nai kala eknieo to test egkimosinis pou vgike theriko prin ena hrono kai i anipsoula sou pleon pou me krataei super-busy), teino na simfoniso mazi sou... to peri kapnoviomihanion den to sholiazo, giati einai polla ta lefta ARI MOU! Latrevo tin to-the-point gkrinia sou kai oriste pou se sholiazo, san ton palio kalo kairo!
15. | Dec 14, 2013
I quit smoking 10 years ago and have never had one since and taoltly agree with you chloe when you say everyone who does those nasty habits should quit them today.
16. | Dec 13, 2013
Such a fantastic traniing camp. I have been in awe of Robs magic, humbled by Duncans straight forwardness, given a hint of Hatsumi sensei by Steve and inspired by Sven-Erik. I have so much information that I'm still trying to write it down, four days later. And of course every lunch break and evening is filled with traniing all I have learnt. Thank you for such an inspiring time. Bring on October 2012.
17. | Sep 3, 2013
Break his cigs everytime you see them, tell him if he coetniuns to smoke in the house you will break his cigs. No *** either, no cooking, no nothing. He needs to have some consideration for your health and your pets or kids health too. Second hand smoke is almost as bad as you smoking them. Also, it makes your house stink and your clothes, furniture, walls yellowed Just play hardball Get some pamphlets on second hand smoke and display them all around the house. As a last resort spray a bunch of perfume around him while he's doing it or while he's eating, etc.
18. | Sep 3, 2013
an kai proin kapnistria (na'nai kala eknieo to test egkimosinis pou vgike theriko prin ena hrono kai i anipsoula sou pleon pou me krataei super-busy), teino na simfoniso mazi sou... to peri kapnoviomihanion den to sholiazo, giati einai polla ta lefta ARI MOU! Latrevo tin to-the-point gkrinia sou kai oriste pou se sholiazo, san ton palio kalo kairo!
19. | Sep 1, 2013
na pw k gw thn lalakia mou?egw den kpianzw... giati den kapniza k pote afou h olh ierotelestia mou fainotan xazh... roufaw kapno - fysaw kapno... twra to kata poso sas eyxaristei olo ayto mporeite na to gnwrizete mono eseis ... afou emena h empeiria mou einai apo mikrh ews elaxisth. (den 3erw ti ousies mporei na apeley8erwnontai ston egkefalo kai sas prosferoun ikanopoihsh h ean einai apokleistika k mono 8ema e8ismou ... h syndyasmos kai twn dyo)gnwrizw omws oti kai h megalh taxythta -odhgwntas- apeley8erwnei andrenalinh! opote mporw kai egw "ntailiki" na odhgw san trellos stous dromous (kai oxi se eidika diamorfwmenes pistes agwnwn) me poly pi8ano kindyno na sterhsw thn swmatikh akaireothta h kai thn zwh kapoiwn allwn anypopsiastwn odhgwn h loipon apodedeigmena to tsigaro skotwnei k oxi mono tous kapnistes alla k tous trigyrw ... den katalavainw giati na mhn mpei se leitoyrgia o sygkekrimenos nomos.epishs 8a h8ela na epishmanw to gegonos ... oti oso fasistikos einai o nomos pou apagoreyei to kapnisma se dhmosious xwrous ... toso fasistikh htan kai h e3askhsh tou kapnismatos se xwrous opou vriskontai k mh kapnistes - epi seira etwn hdh ... (na anaferw oti epeidh oi perissoteroi filoi mou kapnizan h k kapnizoun pote den eixa provlhma me to zhthma...kai as ginotan tekes to studio h to saloni mou)sthn douleia omws akoma k meta tis apagoreyseis polloi ligoi deixnoun na symorfwnontai k enw den tous to epishmainw o idios ... den exoun thn eyais8hsia na kapnisoun to elaxisto pou mporoun etsi wste na mhn enoxloun k tous mh kapnizontes.synexizoun na kapnizoun san fougara... (starxidismos toulaxiston) - ap ayto ormwmenos egrapsa ta parapanw !filia kai kofte to gia to diko sas kalo k oxi epeidh sas to apagoreyoun !gabriel r.
20. | Jun 2, 2013
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21. | May 30, 2013
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22. | May 28, 2013
Hi these are just tips, but they're useful:1-Count the cttgreaies you smoke every day, -1 each day/week,slowly!2-If you're into coffe-cigarette thing, stop drinking coffee!3-If you can't help smoking one, smoke it with the hand you usually don't use, don't sit, stay in a place you don't like. Uncomfortable feelings related to smoking do help!4-don't buy cttgreaies!At least you can ask someone for one.But if you haven't got the packet, it's more difficult to smoke!5-No lighters in your house, no ashtrails.No one is allowed to smoke in your house, not even YOU.6-Tell everyone you quitted smoking, so if they see you smoking they're going to have fun on you or think you're weak-willed.7-Is there a taste in your mouth that doesn't make you smoke at all (for me, strawberry candies) use it!8-Are you into alcohol/beer-cigarette thing?Avoid it!9-I think it's better to quit smoking slowly instead of quickly, but if you want to try then choose an important date (your birthday party, the arrival of a thing you're waiting, your new car's first day, first day of holidays, stuff like that) and from there, you cannot smoke!10-You smoke because you're stressed, or need a moment of rest in the day?Buy a fake cigarette. Smoking, apart from nicotine, is a substitute for meditation!Think about it. When you smoke, you slowly inhale, wait, then exhale your breath, slowly, feeling the air coming inside you and going to the lungs and then going out through the mouth/nose IT IS meditation!Try doing the same process with a fake cigarette, a pencil or whatever.Breathing deeply helps I hope you'll succeed. Good luck!Cheers
23. | May 28, 2013
Smoking-related diseases kill more than 440,000 Americans every year.Smoking csaues 87% of all lung cancer cases and most cases of emphysema and chronic bronchitis.Respiratory Problems, including:lung infections colds, influenza, pneumonia, etc.chronic bronchitis shortness of breath and chronic coughemphysema in advanced stages, emphysema can cause extreme difficulty breathing. Ordinary activity becomes difficult, if not impossible. Cancers, including cancer of the:lung fatal in nearly all caseslarynx (voice box)mouththroatesophagus (throat passage for food)kidneypancreascervixbladder Heart Disease, which is a leading cause of death among smokers. In fact, smoking more than doubles your chance of having a heart attack. People who smoke are also more likely to have a stroke than people who don't smoke.When You Quit Smoking, You'll Feel Better!You'll breathe more easily, and have more stamina. That annoying smoker's cough should disappear too.Your lungs will work better as harmful elements are cleaned out.Your sense of taste and smell will improve, and your digestion may improve, as well.Your heart won't have to work as hard as it did when you smoked.You may have more energy and a feeling of clear-headedness.You may have more confidence, knowing you were able to break the habit.You'll save money you once wasted on cigarettes.Your risks for both heart attack and cancer will decrease.Others won't be harmed by your secondhand smoke.
24. | May 19, 2013
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25. | May 15, 2013
that she was traumatized by her paenrts drug use.)The problems here can be divided into 3 areas:1. the wife is upset with her husband's pot smoking.2. there seems to have been NO plan, or thought ( by either of them ) of how to deal with the reality of pot smoking when you have a child. If you are going to engage in this behavior, or really any behavior that goes against dominant discourse you need to have a plan on how to address this. To not do so is irresponsible. 3. The wife is, rightly, concerned about the father's behavior while high around the child.1. First they need to find a way to come to some agreement on smoking pot. There may be room for compromise here or there may not be. Perhaps smoking up less often: only weekends, only weekdays, every other day, etc. Or he may just have to give it up (perhaps except for social occasions) for family harmony, or she may just have to accept it as something he enjoys and that she needs to learn how to accept. The key is they both need to not just tolerate but really accept whatever they agree on. This doesn't mean it can't ever change but the agreement needs to be entered into without the expectation that the other one will eventually change his or her mind. Alternate ways of relaxation so that the mother is not the one who is always the responsible one could be a great idea. Maybe he smokes up Monday, Wednesday and Friday and the three do yoga Tuesday and Thursday or vice-versa. Or they decide to go jogging as a family every day at 530 or he goes alone Maybe he smokes pot and then they all do yoga whatever. What is clear is that if the stress is not just an excuse it needs to be addressed.A child does mean changes and the father needs to accept that. But a child should not be an excuse for shifts in values that may not have anything to do with the well being of the child. Mom needs to ask herself does she genuinely fear for her child's safety, is he so high he can't take care of the child? Is the father not fulfilling his parental obligations because he's always taking a post marijuana nap? OR is she using the child as an excuse to pressure him into changing a behavior she doesn't agree with and one that embarrasses her? 2. If they come to some agreement about pot smoking where some smoking is still going on; then they need to address the second problem. They need to be honest with their child, in an age appropriate way. They may begin by explaining that dad is doing something adults sometimes enjoy doing, but that this will make children sick, which is why he can't do it around you; just the way alcohol makes children sick or peanuts make some children sick . If pot use is not accepted in your community, you don't need to tell your child his dad is smoking pot in those words until he is older. As the child gets older, you will need to be more open about the father's drug use; I'm not suggesting you should share drugs or smoke in front of the child; just that it should be admitted that the father smokes pot. If it is hidden the child will feel the hypocrisy of the situation and either hide any activity (including potential drug use) that he feels his paenrts may not approve of. Or he may be embarrassed of his father's drug use, seeing it as something shameful that needs to be hidden. Neither is a healthy state for the child. If the father feels this is something that no child should know that he is doing then he should not be using drugs. If he is okay with sharing the fact that he smokes pot; he should just keep it out of the child's way. 3. The third issue is the mental and physical safety of child with father when dad is high. This all depends on who else is with the child, how high the father is, and how pot affects him. If you can have a glass of wine around your child then you should be able to be around your child having smoked a bit of pot. You wouldn't want to be drunk around your child, you don't want to be baked out of your mind with your child. There should always be someone who is fully capable of caring for the child, and this is not just the day to day caring but sober enough to handle a real emergency too. It should not always fall on the mother to be this person; this turns her into the parent for both of them. As for the mental well being. Being a bit goofy around the child on occasion is okay but it can't be too goofy or too often. Whether you should be around your child after smoking depends on how pot affects you. Just as some people become uncomfortably jocose or morose after just one glass of alcohol while another person may talk a bit more than usual and another may have no noticeable change at all. If the father tells more jokes or is a bit more quiet or is exactly the same then there is no issue. But if he is terribly groggy, or fascinated by the smell of lemons for hours then it's an issue. To the wife: Before you head to al-anon make sure you have tried to work this out with your husband. Once you are on opposing camps it will be that much harder to reach an agreement. If you truly believe your husband has an addiction, and that this addiction is causing him some kind of harm ( your change of heart on his pot using creating fights doesn't count as a problem, but problems that his pot smoking creates in your relationship because he isn't present would count , as would making you have to take the responsibility in child rearing etc.)To the husband: Try to see how your drug use is upsetting your wife. Is it worth the tensions it's creating? Does your smoking up make your wife have to be the responsible one in the relationship, or the one who always has to be sober for the child? Make sure you aren't putting her in the situation where she always HAS to be sober. If that is her preference that is fine, but there should be times when she has the freedom not to be sober EVEN if she never has or never would drink, smoke up etc. She needs to not always be living as the designated parent .
26. | May 13, 2013
You make thigns so clear. Thanks for taking the time!
27. | May 13, 2013
Ya learn something new eevdyray. It's true I guess!